Does Pigeons or Bird are Dirtying Your Apartment

On a wonderful day you decided to have a morning tea or coffee with your family in your balcony with enjoying the view from your apartment with the garden and pretty essence of the flowers but when you got you observe that all of your flowers eaten by pigeons and your balcony filled with bird poops .So there goes your dream morning to a hectic job of cleaning all.


So, we bring you the Solution

Imagine a Solution which allows the air breeze and Sunlight but stopping the birds/Pigeons coming in. The solution can be termed with different names Balcony Safety nets, Birds Safety nets or Pigeons safety nets.

Why should we implement?

Todays world is full of surprises and in which new diseases are lining up for which key to be safe is being healthy  by keeping your self in shape and your environment so being near the shits of birds can lead up to invitation of houseflies sitting on them to your foods so you don’t want that to happen so in the need to time the implementation of Balcony safety nets is a permanent solution with a not of hectic .

First thing that comes in your mind what will happen to my view or will it restrict the view or compromises with the space .The answer  will be no the bird safety nets comes in various grid sizes with technology advance technician which can install at your ends.


 All the nets come with different advantages with wide range of applications and benefits lets have a brief of each one

Balcony Safety Nets

Today, the housing societies are filled with high rises building so their possibility of something falling from top so balcony safety nets so our nets are suitable for prevention of any serious accidents or mis happening which may be damaging to your property  or to you or your family members.

Balcony safety Nets are on high demands in malls, Construction places ,Manufacturing industries to the Corporate sectors but that don’t limit their implementation to homes which will make your balconies safer for your kids to spend time and play without your mind worrying of something happening to them falling down .

Balcony safety nets also safes your home from any break in as it is hard to cut through the nets. Safety nets can be installed with fasteners which will bolt them to wall. So, enjoy your morning coffee with a quick read without worrying of your toddle or child falling out of the balcony

Birds Safety Net/Pigeons Safety Net

We all face many concerns with Birds/Pigeons in lots of places like Homes, Low rises or High rises apartment building, Food industries, Manufacturing industries, sports complex, Hotels, Fam houses, offices, and Hospitals. You will find many entry points for birds which can be plumbing ducts, air conditioning ventilators as they will find the pipes as a safe place for nesting protecting them from any external danger. They will lay eggs in these places by nesting which cannot be reached or extremely hard to reach. And if any mishappening happens it becomes very difficult for cleaning of these places and if they decomposes then it leaves very unpleasant smell and you have to disassemble the whole system which lead to huge hit on budget not just the budget but it can be very harmful to humans as it will lead to lots of diseases  .So we come up Pigeon Safety net  which is quick and a permanent solution without harming any birds so don’t worry about them .Our bird safety nets  can be installed in balconies , ducts, windows and Open passages . So, Bird/Pigeon Safety nets are an affordable solution to safe your pocket with unwanted repair cost and they do not harm any birds in the way.


The Safety nets which can be used at balcony to provide a secure balcony for you and your family from any break in, or any falling objects specially if you are living in any cyclone prone areas. They are not something that will be huge hit on a pocket but an affordable solution which helps you both financially buy protecting you from any cleaning and removal of ducts for removal of decomposed birds. The Birds Safety Nets  is something the protects your flowers or plants to grow in your vertical gardens as they love to eat and imagine is you are having a morning tea or coffee by relaxing in balcony and some body poops on you it will be  a huge setback for a mood to cleaning activity.

So safety nets are a permanent solution to protect your from Birds shits, Falling objects and Relax your mind with any bad thought’s of kids falling from high rise building so a solution which safes you and your family from health , Cleaning , Safety and money .

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