Birds will be after the vineyards or gardens if there is no net covered to protect the harvest. Especially strawberries and blackberries need to be protected from these natural enemies like birds and similar creatures.


Bird Nettings is the only solution that acts as a barrier between birds and harvests

Gardeners need to plan while sowing seeds and growing plants. Arrangements of fertilizers are made. But they often forget the bird deterrent strategy that makes the garden bird free.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Bird netting can humanely prevent the pest birds from eating harvests. Nets act as protection and keep the birds away from harvests. Blocking the area from the birds is not harmful though.

It simply encourages the pests to find a different source of food. Bird Netting comes in different shapes and sizes.

There are varieties of bird proofing that are suited to varying levels of bird pressure. Likewise, bioacoustics is well suited for low-pressure situations.

Garden bird mesh is designed using light-weight and durable plastic mesh. This netting is made of polypropylene (UV-protected material). It is designed to endure hot summer days and winter’s rain.

If it is installed correctly, it’s practically invisible. The mesh blends well with the trees, plants, and bushes. Satya Safety Nets in Bangalore and their experienced team will give the best Bird nets in Bangalore this is user friendly and easy to install.

Factors to consider before installing bird netting.

Mesh Size Openings: This is the size of the diamond or square-shaped opening. Buying a net with large openings is a mistake newbie makes. Larger is the openings, the less expensive the net is. American nettings have 3 by 4 units opening that keep birds away.

It keeps out moths and butterflies as well that may eventually lay eggs on the veggies.

Life Expectancy or durability: Bird netting comes with a UV life expectancy rating. It is the number of years the net would last without breaking down from exposure to UV Rays.

Price: Price varies with life expectancy and materials. Black Plastic extruded bird netting has a UV life expectancy of 3 to 4 years and is most likely to tangle.

Types of Bird nettingS:

Mainly three types of Anti-Birds Safety Nets are available out there. They are:

  • Extruded bird netting.
  • Knotless bird netting.
  • Knotted bird netting.
  • Extruded bird netting.

It is made from polypropylene with UV Stabilizer. It is flexible & light-weight. Extruded bird nettings directly cover the plants. It is quite economical in comparison to entry-level or basic bird nettings.

It is perfect for gardening to keep away the butterflies and moths.

Knotted bird netting

Knotted bird netting is made of polypropylene and nylon. This knotted structure adds durability & strength.

This is used in commercial areas like school courts and office buildings.

These are the entire thing which you have you keep in mind before going to purchase any type of safety nets.

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