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We make working with us easy. From filling out our simple batting cage form to just giving us a call, here’s what makes us different. We put the “service” in customer service We use only the highest quality raw materials which means our nets are the best you’ll find We lead the industry in turnaround times

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We specialize in providing nets for all residential, commercial as well as industrial area’ssafety requirements,balcony safety nets,staircases,construction-sites,scaffolding, agricultural-shades, children safetynets, parking lots ,sports- Safety Net etc.


We put the “service” in customer service
We use only the highest quality raw materials which means our nets are the best you’ll find we lead the industry in turnaround times. Whatever the need, we’ll give you the custom netting that’s perfect for your needs.

Lets our dynamic and professional experts team full fill your safety nets requirements with our best quality nets.

Expert, professional service with a focus on customer experience. Top Quality Product at very competitive pricing. Industry-leading fast turn around time and hdpe nylone nets

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Balcony safety net

Satya safety nets take almost care and duty in fixing & installing the Balcony Safety Nets which prevents people from falling down. If you are worried about offering safety to your children, pets, and assets who play in your balcony it is advisable that you cover your balcony with our HDPE Nylon Nets. 

pigeon safety net

Pigeon safety nets are highly durable , high quality and high weight bearing capacity nets for any type of site in size or shape. Call us for more information about pigeon safety nets.

Bird protection net

Satya Safety Nets is the unique name in the industry to provide an exclusive range of Bird Protection Safety Net to its precious client. The offered net is widely used to prevent the entry of birds in house. Provided net is manufactured by our experienced professionals using innovative techniques and high quality basic material.

children safety net

Children net for balconies are specially produce to protect kids, toddlers, babies and old members. These safety net for balcony suitable for both indoor and outdoor use anywhere your loved need protection from open spaces more than two meters above ground level,it is unobtrusive and easily blends into the interiors and exterior without blocking light or air flow.

Balcony anti bird net

Anti Bird safety nets help in keeping birds away that cause lungs diseases and respiratory infection. It is easy to install and maintain as it is fixed with the help of stainless steel hooks. Bird droppings and diseases caused by them are one of the main reasons for contamination of the finished products and destruction of storage areas and costly equipment.

Sports nets

We all love to play different kinds of sports, isn’t it? But you must also make sure that you have taken all the safety precautions in order to prevent any injury or damage. Many times while playing a variety of games, due to the lack of good quality protection.



We have group of mastery in SatyaSafetynets,Open Area Safety Nets In Bangalore who can fix open zone pigeon nets. Common in all condos for ventilation there will be open territory. Our range is appropriate for the counteractive action of fatalities and genuine mishaps , when individuals working at stature by giving an aggregate degree of protection.Open Area Safety Nets In Bangalore These items are exceedingly requested in development, designing and assembling businesses. 

cricket nets

circket safety net

We provide Cricket safety Nets made of the highest quality 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Netting on the market, with UV Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and longevity.



Duct Area Safety nets are intended to verify the unfilled hole between two squares of structures in the lofts. Basically Duct zones filled by winged animals, which dirtying premises of  structures. We have exceptionally made Duct Area Safety nets which will be utilized in bringing down your overhang conduit territories. These generation are exceedingly requested in development, building and assembling businesses.

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Expert, professional service with a focus on customer experience.Top Quality Product at very competitive pricing.Industry-leading turn around time.