Some Tips for Anti-Bird Netting

Living in an area where birds also live is a pleasing thing for many but it becomes a headache when you do not want birds into your properties like farms or any building. That is where anti-bird nets come for the rescue.

Bird netting or anti-bird netting is similar to the pest control but it is not for pests, it is just applicable for birds. It is a net that is used to prevent the entry of birds in a specific area.

There are a number of variants of anti-bird netting available. But every anti-bird net is different and is not suitable for protecting every place. Most of the people who want anti-bird netting do not know which one they should go for. So, for those people here are some tips on how to choose an anti-bird netting according to their needs.

Here are a few tips for you to look at before buying an anti-bird net

Choosing the right type of anti-bird netting.

There are different purposes for which a person requires anti-bird nets such as for fish protection, building protection, crop protection, and a lot more. Many of the people who live in areas where birds are found are tired of the birds in their balcony and for that, they buy anti-bird netting considering all of them are the same. But they are not.

Read these tips to make sure that the one you choose is right for your needs.

Do Proper research on which birds you want to stop:
There are generally four types of anti-bird nets that are used for protecting balconies. A 75mm mesh size is perfect for stopping seagull, 28mm for starling, 50mm for pigeons, and 19mm for sparrows. There are other types of nets that are used in different areas.

Different nets for different properties.
Yes, you read that right anti-bird nets are also categorized on the basis of which property you want to protect and you must check which species of birds are mostly present in the area you want to protect, like for crops protection against pigeons, a 50mm mesh sized anti-bird net is perfect. Pigeon nets for the balcony are the ones if you are also tired of pigeon shit and feathers in your balcony or property.

● Other terms to keep in mind while buying anti-bird nets
Color of the net, you can go for any color until or unless it is black. Black color absorbs more of the heat and in some rare cases, it may catch fire which eventually can harm the place that you have protected with the net.

The size of the net is another important thing that you should check before buying a net. A net can be proven useless if the mesh size of the net is larger than the size of the bird.

The correct way of installation of anti-bird netting.

Installing an anti-bird net is actually not an easy task and requires some planning. Starting installation without knowing about the tools and right way is like shooting in the dark.

Read these useful tips to know about the correct installation.

Stay organized: Stretch the anti-bird net to its full length and mark the corners of the net. Stretching the net to its full length over the area where you want to fix it will help you in getting them tangled.
Fixing the corners first: This should be your first step in the installation of any anti-bird netting system. First, stretch the net along the length of the area that you want to protect and fix the corners of that length.
Give yourself access to inside: If you have installed the net over a crop to protect the flowers and fruits then you should definitely keep some space to make sure that you can enter the crop to harvest it or for any other work.

These are the things that you must have in your mind while buying or setting up an Anti bird safety net.

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