The Importance of Construction Safety nets

The Importance of Construction Safety nets

Fall from a height might cause serious injury. With balcony safety nets in Bangalore installed below a high-rise construction site, the chance of getting injured minimizes drastically.

No matter how much time gets spent on rooftops, there is a high risk of falls from height. Construction safety nets in Bangalore reduce the distance of the fall. It absorbs the impact of fall, providing a landing platform. Safety nets in Bangalore act as fall arrest systems, rather than a drop restraint system.


They offer passive protection, allowing a person to work from a height without limiting their movement.


  • Construction safety nets in Bangalore can reduce the chances of a fall from height.
  • Construction Nets reduces the absorption and deflection of the energy of fall, minimizing the probability of the person getting injured.
  • There must be adequate space below the construction net so that by the time the net deflects, the person does not strike an obstacle or ground.
  • A balcony safety net in Bangalore enables laborers to work from height, offering freedom of movement.
  • Construction safety nets (aka debris netting) get installed horizontally or vertically as per your requirements.
  • The best way to wrap up netting from bottom to top, working as a tool to prevent fall, without blocking the view.

What is a construction safety net?

Construction safety nets in Bangalore have a flexible structure and absorb the weight of an object(s) falling on them. They get used at construction sites to reduce or/and weaken the impact caused by an object dropping on them. Safety nets get installed below the height at which the work gets done. Adjustment of the construction nets gets done depending on the falling distance and/or the weight of the workload.

There should be adequate spacing under the balcony safety net in Bangalore so that staff falling from height don’t get hurt. What are the types of Construction Safety nets available out there? Balcony safety nets come with diamond or square meshes. There are two main types of balcony safety nets in Bangalore.

  • Knotless construction safety nets in Bangalore
  • Knot construction safety nets in Bangalore

Personnel and Debris construction safety nets in Bangalore

Personnel nets get designed to prevent the workers from getting injured. Personnel safety nets promote passive fall protection. In other words, personnel nets provide fall protection without any intuitive efforts on their side. On the contrary, active fall arrest systems need active involvement or participation of the laborers, ensuring that the nets would provide adequate protection. There are three types of personnel safety nets available out there.

  • Personnel Pentilever
  • Same-floor netting systems
  • A combination of personnel Debris containment setting

What are debris construction safety nets?

Debris balcony safety nets in Bangalore catch construction materials, preventing them from injuring the workers. Sometimes, personnel nets get lined with debris netting of considerable height and length to contain tools and/or materials capable of harming the workers.

What are the same-floor safety netting systems?

Same-floor netting systems get installed in the interiors of buildings under construction. They get horizontally constructed between beams before concrete gets poured. They act as a fall prevention system and a working platform. Same-floor safety nets prevent people from falling, but they can’t absorb the impact from the higher floor.

Instruction for installing construction safety nets in Bangalore

Required Force

Construction safety nets in Bangalore get mounted using suspension ropes, Safety hooks, thimble hook, or thimble loops. Suspension should have braking force not exceeding 30 Kilo Newton for single-stranded Suspension with ropes. It should be 15-kilo Newton for single-stranded Suspension.

Minimum width of the fall arrest system

Safety nets should get mounted as close as possible below the high-rise construction sites that should get insured. Fall height ought not to be more than six meters. 2m from the edge of the net, the permissible height should not be more than 3 meters.

Instruction from the building contractor

Only individuals that get instructed by the building contractor can install construction safety nets in Bangalore. The person installing the balcony safety nets in Bangalore ought to get fall protection insurance.


Don’t store construction nets near a fireplace, neither bring them in contact with items like acids, chemicals, or dye. Do not keep the balcony safe nets exposed to UV radiation.


Make sure that the safety nets come with important details printed on them. The label must carry the following information:

  • Date of manufacture or packaging
  • Name of manufacturer
  • Net Type
  • Mesh SIZE
  • Item Number and product pricing
  • Minimum Tensile Strength
  • Condition of construction nets
  • It is advisable not to use nets with defects.
  • Nets that don’t have the needed braking force.
  • Nets that got used before
  • Nets that are defective (nets with wear and tear, with damages near the thimple loops or border ropes).

A-class supplier of the best construction safety nets in Bangalore  

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  • Manufactured using super-grade raw materials, these items are known for their capacity to withstand adverse weather conditions. . Our range of eco-friendly products finds their application in military, police headquarters, airports, railways, and in the private and mechanical area.
  • We likewise offer installation and maintenance services for the construction safety nets in Bangalore.  Our group of experts has the expertise and abilities to fabricate our items according to the configurations set by the customer. Satay Safety Nets has a team of quality analysts to deal with the quality remainder. 

Backed by a hi-tech fabricating plant, we make on-time delivery of top-notch items. These are some of the qualities that gained us recognition as a supplier of the best construction safety nets in Bangalore.

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