What are the best safety nets for balconies.?

Balcony Safety nets why they are needed?

Balcony safety nets is just a necessity or an accessory which can be deployed in home it has its requirements and benefits which gives you an idea why it is so important. Birds which can be of any type always carries a dangerous disease by there side it comes from there excreta or from the dust an virus stuck by there wings so just to avoid them coming in safety nets is small investment not just that when you have installed a safety nets you get mental piece of being scared of your small kid or pet falling from balcony or throwing some thing from it which might lead to a liability concern or a police case as someone can get injured.

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Let us imagine you spend a good amount of money to buy a flat with big balcony to have a nice garden in it for an evening snack and enjoy the view but a next day you woke up and realize that the garden is destroyed by birds which will lead to a bad start of a day with a spoiled mood so investing in Balcony safety nets is safe bet of money.

So now a bigger question pops up in mind which safety net is best or how to choose the net which will suit your requirement so let us go through some of the traits which needed to be kept in mind while purchasing a net.

First is weight of the safety net.

You always think that the nets made from bulky material or dense will be best has they will give greater strength but that is the myth. A Lightweight Balcony safety net can be of same strength as a bulky one, but it will not be pain in the back while installing the one. A net is as good that when it is easy to remove and install without creating a concern. Not just that the light weight one also ensures that the aesthetic look of your apartment and view is not hampered.

Should be Flexible in nature.

First thing which come in mind while thinking of a safety net will be rigid and solid material which can be like Chicken wire, welded wire meshes or mosquito screens, but these are not the solution as if you want to install any of them first you need a solid structure to withstand, and they will not be flexible which will lead to an easy damage due to external heavy winds. There is a humane solution of this problem as safety nets of 2” and 2” of holes which look good as well do not harm the birds just restrict their entry and movement through them which is easy to install with proper fasteners.

Low Profile in nature

Creating a low profile is also important for a net it should surface the purpose of its installation which does not require it to be catchy or eye disturbing image. Best net is that which appears to be invisible from far away but serves the purpose of its installation.

Long period of life

Just like a good investment you should not always go for cheap available option in the market but should go for a high-quality net as these nets are going to be a good protective feature for you family and you don’t have to worry of changing it every year, they generally last for more than 5-6 years if you have gotten a good quality of net which will always return the investment in a good span of years.


Summary: –

Balcony Safety nets are always a good priority for your living accommodation being from a small house to high rise building as they just do not repel the birds from entering it also ensure that nothing by mistake goes out of the house. So, getting one is good option but choosing the best one in the market is also as important as getting one so to ensure that you get the best one and do not lose the money you should always keep the above traits in mind while getting the one. But as you are not the expert we are so call “Satya Safety nets” us we provide all technical as well as installation solution with proper safety nets available out there.

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